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Clearly, Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation is a force to reckoned with, but he wasn’t always the high-achieving person we see today. Many years ago, he was struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and had finally hit bottom at the age of 38. His life was out of control and in danger, but through his own desire to make a change, Per sought help in a rehabilitation program, and this decision proved to be the best one he had ever made.

After graduation, Per debated about what to do with his new-found future. He could return to being a top salesperson for General Motors where he had once enjoyed a successful career, or he could do something entirely different. Ultimately, he decided to follow his passions by opening his own rehabilitation facility in order to help others in the way rehab had helped him. This took a great deal of courage, self-discipline, hard work, and a strong desire to succeed. He did succeed, and is now founder and president of the largest holistic rehabilitation center in the United States.

Per Wickstrom is a strong advocate and a perfect example of a person’s ability to change the direction their life is going. He believes we can accomplish our dreams with personal commitment and the right attitude, and that no obstacle is too big to overcome. For these reasons, the programs Per has developed at Best Drug Rehabilitation, are designed to instill a sense of empowerment and confidence in recovering addicts that will motivate them to create their own success story.

As a result of this one man and his recovery from addiction, over 6,000 people have been healed, and he has no intention of stopping yet. He continues making a difference by restoring lives and helping people become contributing members of their communities and families once again.

Per attributes his success to setting goals to accomplish a specific purpose and he applies this philosophy in all his endeavors. This philosophy is the foundation of his treatment programs and has proven time and again to bring about profound changes in an addict’s life.

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