How Addiction Can be Used as a Strength During a Job Interview

We almost always associate drug and alcohol addiction as a negative thing, and as having negative connotations connected to it.  True enough, this is very much the case and people who struggle and suffer from drug and alcohol addiction tend to believe that their lives are forfeit, that they are worthless as beings, and that they will never make it out of the problem no matter what.

There is one side to this that is true.  Current drug and alcohol addiction is absolutely negative and has zero positive points to it.  In fact, current drug and alcohol addiction is so dangerous and worrisome that they run the risk of dying if they do not do something very big about it.  In fact, current drug and alcohol addiction need to be addressed and gotten rid of as soon as is possible or one may run the risk of getting into very big problems in the long run.

However, once one actually has beaten their addiction and has come out winning and successful in the long run, one is actually a lot better off than one would think.  Having that experience, having that time spent with previous addiction, and having the history that came from constant addiction, that is what can give a person strength, power, passion, incentive, zeal, and a drive like no other to succeed and to succeed well no matter what obstacles are put in one’s way.

How Past Addiction Can Give You the Edge in a Job Interview

Someone who has experienced addiction is a person who has been to the lowest of the low and back up again.  This is a person who has seen it all.  Heartache, difficulty, strife, worry, problems, all kinds of issues and hardships that all ultimately cannot be overcome except by those who deliver 110% effort and enter into rehab.  This is a person who dropped to the bottom and jumped right back up again.  Who can say that they experienced this?  Who can say that they went through something like this?  Not many people can say that this was a factor in their lives, and not many people can hold their own on the same level as someone who has had brushes with death like a recovered addict has.

I want you to know that you can use your previous addiction to get you an edge in your next job interview.  You are a powerhouse individual.  You are one of the few who walked to the edge of your life, took a step off, and somehow jumped back away from death’s grip.  You are someone who knows how to give 110%.  Show this in your next interview.

You dominated your life to get rid of addiction, so dominate that interview.  Use your energy and your passion for life to show your potential employer that you mean business and that you are going to triumph in the position that you are applying for.  Show how great you will be at it, and make promises as to what you will accomplish for the business should you get hired there.

Spend little time focusing on your past, even if that is where you are getting your energy from.  Employers aren’t interested in what you did, they want to know what you will do.  Focus on the future, and use your zeal, passion, insistence, and resilience to show them that you are the man for the job and that you will be the one to take over the position and do great at it.  They will see the truth if you just press this point home.