Nutrition: Why It is Essential in Addiction Treatment

When people envision addiction treatment, they often imagine processes that target only the drug or alcohol issue that they are facing. However, recovering from these types of addiction often involves more than that. Eating healthy foods and maintaining proper nutrient levels can assist individuals in overcoming their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Healthy Substitutes

People have all different types of reasons as to why they abuse drugs and alcohol. They might reach for one of these substances when they are feeling stressed, or they might consider the practice a part of their daily routine. When people learn how to eat healthier, they can start to see how these foods make them feel. They can learn that if they have had a long day, they can opt for a smoothie or vegetables and dip. These healthy foods can start to act as substitutes for the substances that they have been abusing.

Feeling Good Physically

When people do not feel good physically, they may think that they can never recover. For example, individuals might have grown so used to their bodies feeling terrible from drug and alcohol abuse that they do not know what it is like to feel healthy anymore. When they start to incorporate healthy types of food into their diet, they are likely going to start to feel better. They can learn how their bodies can always feel this good, and they may begin to understand that abusing drugs and/or alcohol can take away from this beneficial and positive feeling.

Learning to Maintain Control

Some individuals abuse drugs and alcohol because they feel as though they have no control over it. They may have entirely lost control and succumbed to the addiction because they have lost power over it. When they start to eat healthier, they will begin to see that they do actually have control over what goes into their bodies. They will see how they can select foods that taste good and also make their bodies feel good. Then, the ideas that they learn about making healthier food choices can translate over when they are met with a drug or alcohol temptation.

Addressing the Entire Body

One of the goals of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs is to help people live a healthier lifestyle. If they are watching the addicted individuals consume mass quantities of food or if they see that they are always choosing the fattiest of foods to eat, then they are not doing their job at addressing the entire body. If they are simply allowing bad food choices to replace other types of bad choices, then the individuals may leave the treatment facility with an entirely new set of issues to deal with.

Connection Between the Mind and Body

Many people can attest to the fact that when their bodies feel good, so do their minds. When they eat healthier foods, it is not only that they are losing weight and that their bodies are staying in shape, but they also have a more positive outlook on life in general. They have more energy, so they can feel more motivated and inspired to complete their goals, for example. Therefore, when they are consuming healthy foods on a regular basis, they can have the mental strength to defeat their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Restoring a Proper Balance

Drug and alcohol addiction can have an array of side effects. Some of these effects interfere with the way people think, and others harm the relationships that people have. Still other effects can harm the body. When people abuse drugs and alcohol, they can do damage to their bodies. If they continue to eat harmful foods and to consume high levels of fat, they might cause even more damage to parts of their bodies that are already in bad shape. Eating healthy foods can help to heal them from the inside to the outside.

Inspiring New Hobbies

Sometimes, people are worried that when they find themselves with free time after their treatment program has ended, they are going to return to their unhealthy habits. However, when they learn to eat healthy, they might just have found themselves a new hobby. They may spend time at the grocery store picking out all of the freshest ingredients and coming up with new recipes. They might take these recipes and post them on a blog, or they might be inspired to help other people set their own nutritional goals. Making healthy eating choices is a skill that they can begin to pass on to other people.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation and A Forever Recovery, we have witnessed first-hand the connections between eating healthy meals and recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. When people are willing to tackle the latter goal, they can benefit and stay motivated from engaging in the former one as well.