corporate mission statements

The Role Corporate Mission Statements Play in Becoming a Great Leader

By and large, gone are the days where a simple, average 9 to 5 salary based career at the same company for multiple decades is appealing or successful.  In our parents’ time, spending decades with the same business was seen as incredibly remarkable.  Now, it is seen as not moving with the times, not creating variety and skill set, and being trapped or stagnant.  In fact, most companies today are more likely to hire a candidate who has worked in the same field over the last 30 years but with three different businesses, than someone who has worked in the same field for the last 30 years but at only one business.

Today, you have to be fluid, you have to be moving and “hustling,” and you have to be able to be mobile and transient.  If you want to be a leader and really go out and get your own, then you need to be able to take into consideration all of the different factors that go into entrepreneurship and leadership.  Without a doubt, you need to be able to focus on capitalizing on every little aspect of your business and your group that can assist you in climbing to the top.

How Corporate Mission Statements Play a Part in Leadership

What is your mission statement?  Do you even have one?  A lot of companies often forget about their mission statement.  The mission statement is the plaque of your business.  It is what should be hanging on the wall of every room in your business.  It is your mantra, your slogan, your axiom, your principle, and the driving factor that fuels your entire effort.

Unfortunately, in the rush, rush of the modern workaday world, a mission statement often gets forgotten, which is truly unfortunate, to say the least.  Now more than ever though, leaders and business owners should be focusing on getting back to their roots, buckling down, and standing by their company’s core image if they want to achieve true success.

To become a great leader, you need to be able to push a company forward, further forward than the efforts of other employees might take it.  You need to be able to really push it forward on a level and intensity that no one else does.

How do you do this?  With a mission statement.  Your mission statement is what really makes your company unique.  Plus, your ability to hold true to your mission statement and your willingness to make it your personal mantra is crucial to your ability to be successful as a leader.

Look at Amazon.  CEO Jeff Bezos had this to say on Forbes on his thoughts on a business’s mission statement:

  • “It helps to base your strategy on things that won’t change. When I’m talking with people outside the company, there’s a question that comes up very commonly: ‘What’s going to change in the next five to ten years?’ But I very rarely get asked, ‘What’s not going to change in the next five to ten years?’ At Amazon we’re always trying to figure that out, because you can really spin up flywheels around those things. All the energy you invest in them today will still be paying you dividends ten years from now. Whereas, if you base your strategy first and foremost on more transitory things — who your competitors are, what kind of technologies are available, and so on — those things are going to change so rapidly that you’re going to have to change your strategy very rapidly, too.”

Bezos puts it best, and the success of his business goes to show it.  Build your leadership over stable things and basic things that you know, and when all the cards are on the table, the most stable and basic thing that you know is your mission statement.