Why it’s Important for Leaders to Recognize Their Weaknesses

There is nothing worse than a vain, egotistical, or self-righteous boss.  Wouldn’t you say?  When someone is totally full of themselves, that’s bad enough.  But when someone is full of themselves and they happen to be in a leadership position?  That’s no fun at all.  Bosses and leaders should not be vain, egotistical, or self-righteous.  This never works out in anyone’s favor, not even in there’s.  When a boss is vain, egotistical, or self-righteous, a bad time is had by all involved and no one is happy in that particular organization.

Being a boss takes a lot of responsibility and a lot of control and a lot of other things.  It is by no means an easy thing to do.  However, being a boss is also very rewarding and very pleasing.  The greater responsibly also means a larger paycheck and a sense of satisfaction that might be a cut above the rest.  Being a leader can have a lot of great benefits to it.  There is certainly something special about it.

But what is greatness?  What is greatness in a man?  What is greatness in a woman?  Greatness is being able to care for your fellow man in spite of every reason he gives you not to.  That is true greatness right there.  Without a doubt.  I feel like leaders struggle with this one, key principle that most leaders really do miss out on.  I feel like this one principle of them all is probably the one principle that leaders absolutely need to work on the most.  If they don’t they will surely fail.

A Leader’s Greatest Weakness is Himself

Leaders cave themselves in.  A leader’s downfall is not usually other people.  “Oh but the higher ups overworked me” or, “Yeah but my underlings make my life hard and don’t do their work so I have to do their work for them.”  Right okay, but why did you let your underlings do that?  Why didn’t you make them do their jobs?  Why did you let the higher ups overload you?  Why didn’t you insist on better work delegation?  The truth is, a leader can always take responsibility for his or her condition in life and can adjust it to his liking or to the lack there-of.  A leader, like anyone else on this planet really, is entirely responsible for his or her own condition in life.

There are few things I hate more in the business world then employees, no matter their position or their status in the company, who complain about some situation, and who say that the situation has nothing to do with them and that they are not in fact at fault.  Oh please.

The truth is that leaders can and must be some of the most responsible people out there!  They have to be the ones who can bring the heat and roll with the punches.  They have to be the ones who can really branch out and tackle life and get things done.  They have to be the ones who can deliver the best services and take responsibility themselves for any area that they are unhappy with.  They have to delegate work and make proper demands of those under them and those above them too.  They cannot be weak, and they cannot make it someone else’s problem.

A leader must be humble.  A leader must be kind.  This is not to say that a leader should be a pushover or a wuss.  Absolutely not.  But it is to say that leaders need to be able to stand up for themselves and really put themselves out there and get things done, all with humility, respect, and kindness for others both below them and above them.

A leader needs to be able to recognize their weaknesses (yes leaders have weaknesses too) and work on them.  This is important and it is quite dangerous to a leader to assume a level of control and a higher-than-thou attitude.  Stay away from that.  My advice is to approach leadership with a kind and open heart, but make sure your position is clear, and don’t be a pushover.